Baby Products: The New Eco Baba Sippy Cups Will Keep Kids Safe and Parents Happy

| January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011, ( Eco Baba is introducing another safe alternative for parents who want to forego using glass and plastic containers for their adorable little ones to drink from.Eco Baba stainless steel baby bottles contain wideneck nipple or sippies . Eco Baba Sippy Cups is the latest invention of this healthy and environmentally friendly company.

Eco Baba Sippy Cups is highly beneficial to kids’ health. Approved by the FDA, this 12 oz. stainless steel Baby Sippy is BPA free and 100% recyclable – a tremendous help to planet Earth. No chemicals such as paint, lacquer, glue or adhesives are used in the construction of the Sippy. You will not find a liner inside this Baby Sippy. Instead it is 100% stainless stain – just like the outside.

“We are continuing our commitment to provide parents with an alternative product that protects their children rather than harm them,” explains Tracie Zenti, co-founder of Eco Baba. “We have no doubt that parents love their children just as much as we love ours, so what better way to protect them than with alternative products that’s safe for the environment and most importantly, our children.”

Eco Baba Sippy Cups are available in blue, pink, and black. It’s dishwasher safe and bacterial resistant. When heating contents, this Sippy doesn’t require microwaving. Warm water is all that’s needed. This allows parents to control the liquid’s temperature.

Eco Baba was started in 2010 by forward thinkers Peter and Tracie Zenti. This husband and wife team became alert of the health concerns relating to plastics after the birth of their son six years ago. After researching this epidemic, they decided to take action on behalf of young children’s health and offer healthy alternatives to glass and plastic bottles by creating stainless steel baby bottles.

Eco Baba Sippy Cups are available at an affordable price of $18.95. Both the Eco Baba sippy and baby bottles can be purchased at specialty retailers or directly online at Eco Baba’s website:

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