Local Business Marketing for Small Companies Now Open in Melbourne

| January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 (PowerHomeBiz.net) – All around the world, local businesses battle for attention on search engines. The new service from Peter Guiliano Local Business Marketing helps them to show up early before millions of competing pages.

One Melbourne florist dispared that he could never possibly compete with the thousands of established florists whose websites vied for the front page of Google. They all had websites and he did not. When he mentioned his hopeless predicament to an old friend already marketing his own sites on the internet, he was very surprised at the response.

That mate was Peter Guiliano.

”At the time my mate approached me. I was quietly working on my own sites and keeping my head down” reports Peter Guiliano. ”I took a look at the search volume for florists in Melbourne Australia and there were about 10 million competing pages.”

That didn’t stop Guiliano. He quickly got the project underway and put up the brand new site on the brand new domain and did all the SEO. In less than two weeks Guiliano had the florist’s site showing up on the front page of Google; not just one time either, he was on the front page in several spots for highly competitive keyword phrases.

”Word quickly got around and soon poeple were asking me to do the same for them. I had a brand new business” Guiliano says.
That put pressure on Guiliano because now he had to do the same with his own site which also did not exist yet. And again it only took him two weeks to hit the front page of Google for himself. But this time he wasn’t fighting florists, he was up against the most successful local SEO companies in the Australian market. His site was new and his business hardly even borne; the existing companies were well established and chock full of backlinks. He had none.

A truly Australian story of the underdog coming out on top; this time the little guy had won many front page listings on Google. ”Local Business Marketing Melbourne” 6.4 million results, first place plus 3 other spots on the front page. Second place out of 9.1 million results for ”Online Local Business Marketing Plan”. He had the first 7 places for ”local business marketing consultant Melbourne”.

”Within my first month, I’d been approached by an award winning Australian cinematographer who wasn’t even showing up at all on Google. That was for his own name! And his website url was his name but it just did not show one page anywhere.”

Within 3 weeks the famous cinematographer was known to Google and had his name and a dozen other keywords that now returned his site on the front page of Australian Google searches.

”Being found is only the beginning” Guiliano claims. From there you need to be encouraging searchers to do what you want them to be doing… buying, visiting, acting on your behalf.

”That’s my main skill. Marketing. Getting the right actions to happen in the shortest time frame” and according to Peter Guiliano, that’s what local businesses really want.

If you have any kind of business that relies on getting customers and clients from around your local sity rather than from across the world, go now to his site at PeterGuiliano Local Business Marketing and take up his offer to give you a free audit of your site. At the very least, you will learn what’s working and what’s not and he’ll give you the key actions you can take now to get your site on the front page of Google search results.

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Surat, India

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