Tips on How to Start Your Own Social Network

| January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011 ( – Social Networking is all about relationship. People want to see people they may know or old friends and follow their life. Dating sites do not give such an opportunity. That’s why communities are so popular right now on the internet. Any social network features: profiles, photos, walls, comments, ratings.

Niche social networking is a way to go for closed or professional communities. Niches offer online entrepreneur a great opportunity to start their own social network and attract the right crowd. There are lots of ways of monetizing your audience: targeted online advertising, additional services, virtual currency & gifts, company pages.

Companies, though, may be cautious about starting their community on a basis of public engine, which is run out of someone’s server. There are reasons for it. First, if you use groups or pages on popular social networks like Facebook or Linked in, you do not own the content and user database. You so to say lease the space. At the end of the day you promote someone else’s brand, not yours. Besides, what happens if that social network crashes one day? SAAS solutions won’t do either (because of monthly fees and not owning the platform). But corporations still need social media to profit, build their image, and attract new customers.

To secure your business, take a look at ready-made solutions. It is a way to go. Advantages are multiple. You own your social networking software code; you can install on your own server and control it; it’s a one-time fee. In case of corporate social networking you do not need a user database really – you have your clients and/or employees to register in the first place.

If your answer is “yes”, check out PG Social Networking software ( This community builder software is one of the leaders in the market nowadays. In January 2011 a new version was released featuring user walls with media, comments, graffiti; geo targeting for search form; friends sorting & status, user IP checks for security. You can always add new site options easily by ordering additional modules such as SMS payments, Audio/Video Chat & IM.

It’s a one-time payment and you own a license. Easy-to-use community builder engine helps setup your corporate site quickly. In addition you can get free installation on any server you need to, free lifetime support for your social networking site. Updates are regular to provide the latest trends to your community site.

In general, social networking creates a community and community brings profit to you. Start your own social networking business for niches, start a community for your company or just create a site for people to meet online today.

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