Women-Owned Business Release Tips for Adjusting to New Dietary Guidelines

| February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011 (PowerHomeBiz.net) – Lifestyle Inspirations–publisher of the My Life Matters Planner for Women–offers tips to make focusing on the healthier, lower calorie choices recommended in the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines a part of everyday routines.

“The 2010 Dietary Guidelines focus on making smart choices within each food group,” said Bobette Kyle, Lifestyle Inspirations co-owner, ”such as eating foods with whole grains instead of refined flours; replacing high-fat dairy with low- or no-fat versions, and choosing oils over solid fats. According to co-owner Cecilia George, ”It is a matter of focusing on making better choices and continuing to improve over time. For example, if you drink 2% or whole milk, gradually switch to 1% or skim.”

Life Matters PlannerThe company offers five tips to make these transitions easier:

  1. Know your target numbers. For example, the recommended daily calorie count for women age 31-50 with a moderately active lifestyle is 2,000. The corresponding food group recommendations are–in part–2 cups of fruit, 2 1/2 cups of vegetables, 3-6 ounces of whole grains, and 3 cups of low- or no-fat dairy. Full guidelines are published at http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/.
  2. Emphasize the positive side of eating well by tracking the good foods you can eat instead of focusing on the bad foods you cannot.
  3. Plan to succeed. Choose a whole-life planner such as My Life Matters (WomansPlanner.com), with a daily nutrition tracker that includes a way to focus on healthier foods. The company’s co-owner, Laura Thake, explains. ”The My Health and Well-Being section includes a place to check off healthy foods you eat throughout the day, including beans, fish, nuts, low/no fat milk, oil, and whole grains.”
  4. Work the plan. Note what you have eaten as you eat it and track servings of healthy foods.
  5. Review your progress at the end of each week. How often did you reach your food targets? Keep in mind the goal is improvement, not perfection. No one is perfect and it is OK to be human.

About Lifestyle Inspirations and the My Life Matters Personal Planner for Women

Lifestyle Inspirations LLC is a small company, self-funded in 2010 by co-owners Cecilia George, Bobette Kyle, and Laura Thake, who run the business from their homes.
The My Life Matters planner helps women build new daily routines, with sections for time management, diet & nutrition, goal setting, fitness, medical health, and personal finances. The full year edition includes two six-month, spiral-bound, 9” by 11 1/2” planner books, plus one set of portable inserts (My Well Woman Health Information and My Contacts) and two self-adhesive 4” x 6” photo pockets for $49.95. Six-month editions are $26.95 each. The Website is located at http://www.WomansPlanner.com.


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