Beardfire Publishing: The Easiest Way To Sell Your Music, Books or Art Online

| April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011 ( Tired of sites like itunes skimming percentages off your sales? Or sites like cd baby asking for chunks of cash to add new products to your catalogue? Well fret no more as Beardfire Publishing is the easiest way to sell your music, books or art online, with options to sell both physical products and digital downloads, all at a flat rate with no hidden costs.”

This is the bold opening statement on the myspace page of Beardfire Publishing. Beardfire offer a subscription based membership model whereby an artist pays $49/€35 for 6 months membership or $89/€65 for one year. During this time the member, be they musician, author or artist can add and sell their works on Beardfire at no additional cost and with no percentages taken off them per sale.

Well known Irish musician, songwriter and music producer Rohan, first set up the site in order to publish and sell his own albums and those artists who worked with him, and upon finding how well Beardfire worked for him, opened up membership for anyone who wants to join. Rohan designed the site himself, and does much of the support and maintenance, preferring a hands on approach.

Online Music Mastering and PublishingWith low overheads and a small team Beardfire hope to take on the likes of itunes and CD baby to become a viable platform for the sale of artistic works providing good value to the artists, as well as providing additional promotion for the Beardfire artists themselves thanks to Beardfire’s efforts to publicise the site, as well as it’s members though social media as well as traditional media.







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