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| April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011 (Powerhomebiz.com) In FlexiMusic beat studio we can even add some audio of your need and makes the song very effective. But here we can add only wav.file. This wav.file (audio) can also be edited (like changing the volume (increase or decrease), zoom in or zoom out of the wave etc.).

It contains various types of instruments like String, Drums, Brass etc., by clicking on any of it we can make our own song with the desired steps. It can also perform some other functions like adding tracks, selecting tracks, ON/OFF Button to On or Off the track, etc., and in each track we can add some channels too. Here we can also adjust the number of steps, volume and PAN of the pattern. This Pan slider help us to change the volume of the right or left channel of the track. It can even hide the screen of the tracks while the other track is still operating, it helps us to keep the screen very neat (avoid from overloading) while making some music which contain a large number of tracks.

Music Recording Software It provides all the necessary facilities and functions to the users which are needed for composing an effective music under one roof, above one desk and on one computer screen, which we don’t need to go anywhere for getting any instruments. And also the user need not depend on anybody to direct him about composing music (which takes a lot of time and need lot of expenses) because FlexiMusic beat studio itself provides easy guidelines to the users, which is impossible in the real ordinary way of composing music (without using software) except for the experts or professionals in this field. Thus FlexiMusic beat studio provide us an easiest way to compose music with small budget and with less time.

It makes the user comfortable to use it (user-friendly).  http://www.fleximusic.com/


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