Social Networking Coaching Club Helps Businesses Master Savvy Social Networking

| June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011 ( While social networking was once considered simply a fun pastime activity, it has now become an ideal way for businesses to promote their products and services. In fact, having a solid knowledge of social networking is a must-have for today’s successful businesses. When you consider that recently the Huffington Post reported that Facebook membership is fast approaching 700 million users worldwide, you can see its importance. And that’s just Facebook. Factor in the numerous other popular social networking sites, and it’s easy to see why businesses that are not on the social networking bandwagon are missing a prime opportunity to reach their target markets and grow their business.

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, navigating the social networking world can be intimidating, and for some, simply overwhelming. That’s why one business owner, Laurie Hurley, a certified coach of the Social Networking Coaching Club (SNCC) has launched her own licensed coaching site which is the brainchild of Ann Evanston. Hurley is committed to teaching the strategies and tactics of successful social networking that help business owners grow their business, increase traffic, and generate revenue.

Hurley’s SNCC program lays out a strategy for the individual’s social media program and provides personalized coaching from Hurley herself. Its interactive nature and personalized attention with Hurley enables the coaching students to find their own voice and brand. Social media is all about building trust and it’s well known that prospective clients get to know you first before buying. Hurley shows students exactly how to build that trust, while answering the many questions social networking brings.

All training is done online, with one-on-one interaction with Hurley and training videos and audios for the top four venues – Facebook for business, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, plus blogging. The participants learn how to successfully participate in an online atmosphere, which is the key to social media success. It is important to learn in a setting in which you will be developing your business strategy, but also important to get regular feedback and have the ability to interact with your coach as you learn. Valuable advice is given on how to develop your online voice and your brand, as well as many do’s and don’ts regarding social media etiquette, including blunders that can literally stop your success.

Social Networking Club Hurley recently stated, ”The Social Networking Coaching Club was just what I needed to take my business to a new level with more referrals, more connections, and the way to connect to my target market. And now I am so pleased to be a certified coach, helping others attain their marketing goals and owning the licensed site in which to share all of the strategies to which I was taught. It’s a no-brainer for any business person trying to figure out the social media world.”

For more information on the Social Networking Coaching Club and Hurley’s program, visit or read Hurley’s blog at  to find out how social networking can help grow your business. Look for her 30-day intensive boot camps and lifetime memberships to discover which is right for you.

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