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| August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011 ( Oftentimes, memories are made in a click of a camera button. In that one instant youhave captured a precious memory to be enjoyed many years into the future. Givenhow important our personal and business photos are, it’s imperative that we pick the right software packages to make them look their best. However, not allof these packages come with the same configuration of features. There is a wide variation in the different editing tools available commercially. has launched its photo editing software guide to help photographers, whether amateur or professional, pick the right photo editing software that meets their particular needs.

“Your photographs are as precious as your memories. Protect them and bring out their best with the right software package,”Said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer at, the internet’s premier software review and consumer review reference authority website. “The heart of any photo editing software is truly the editing feature set. This is the reason why you bought photo editing software in the first place” There is a wide variation and editing functionalities among software packages.

Many are just focused on the basic features which you can find in themost basic image editing software like Microsoft Paint. It is the extras that separate mediocre packages from excellent ones. These extra features are the ones that empower photographers and photo collectors to maximize the value of their photo collection by allowing them to customize it and edit them in such a way as to clear up flaws in the recording process. These added features truly increase the level of professionalism inthe final edited product.’s photo editing guide islocated at

digital-editingBe very careful when comparing softwarepackages, a lot of them mislabel features. So you think you’re getting complete different features when apparently it’s the same features so your hopes get blown up out of proportions and you end up spending more money on a package you could have replaced for a simpler and cheaper package. Alternatively some software packages use the same name for different functionality. This makes it tough to compare apples to apples. It is very important that you pay attention to functionality instead of labels”, said Thompson.’s guide helps users cut through the confusion in picking the right software package and equipping them with the right mind set and sensibility to not only to save money but maximizethe value they get from the software package that they choose.


eReviewGuide  is ahighly respectable source of software reviews, guides, tips, resources and information online today. eReviewGuide also offers industry news and community forums apart from online reviews. This consumer guide aims to provide assistance to customers and users looking for software or online services, so they can make smart choices, whether in the matter of pre-sale or making actual purchases.Those who are planning to download a Photo Editing Software like Paintshop Photo Pro by Corel Corporation, may take a closer look at the review guide and consumer tips on the site. Now, buyers can easily check which products are best suited for their personal or individual needs, just by checking out reviews and information published on


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