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| September 25, 2011

September 25. 2011 ( There are 99.6 lacs students in India alone, pursuing higher education. Ironically we always hear about business and intellectual achievements of the youth from only approximately 9 colleges of India educating less than .1% of students in India. What about the remaining 99 lacs students. Do they not have potential or achievements? Should a company really just categorize a Youth based on the college he attended? a startup had questioned this belief and has proven the Potential lies within each student in India to perform. It simply allows youth a platform to prove their talent and work on freelance projects posted by the companies to learn, earn, find internships and build networks for early jobs.

Just two months since its beta launch youth4work has 1100 users with over 60 companies registered. They have about 300 unique visitors daily & students from more than 97 colleges, 57 cities of India. Youth from various colleges have already earned more than Rs 2.8 lacs and 74 internship offers.

youth Mohul, Student from SRCC delhi says ‘It’s a brilliant concept, I have earned and more importantly got valuable certificates for my work. The competition amongst students to deliver pushed me to perform and the company i did the project for offered me an internship too. Thumps up to youth4work , I am one of their biggest fans and ardent promoter.’

Capt. Vinod Bhardwaj, Ex-CEO of Mahindra Consulting says ‘The concept is brilliant, It allows SME’s to outsource work to students from all across India and they get to chose the best amongst the innovative & fresh project deliveries they get. Companies can use this forum to connect with students and build a talent community for fresher recruitments. The simplicity of this forum actually addresses the core gap in recruiting the right talent from college,

instead of selecting youth based on their resumes with no experience or a small interview, companies can test their actual work output by off shoring a small project related to the job’. Capt. Bhardwaj has willingly agreed to extend further support to this forum and can be reached by youth for mentoring and career advice at youth4work portal.

Rachit Jain, the founder of youth4work believes these are just baby steps that we have taken. ‘We have a great team at youth4work, and our prime motive is to add value to the Students and companies. Youth can cater to companies, who might be looking for things as small as a logo design to market research, or production or product design.

The companies have to simply post a project at youth4work. More than 10 youth being registered on our site is the evidence in itself as to the value addition to them. Youth4work is a free portal for all and prime goal being adding value. This being only the beta launch, we have a much more to come and many more youth and companies to serve.’

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