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| September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011 ( Do you want to protect copyright of your photos or other artworks without any affecting to them? Of course, the answer is “Yes”. But how can we do? No doubt, creating watermark to your works is the best choice.

Create watermark to photos to protect copyright is very popular right now. Because of the sheer volume of people use and some (unfortunately) abuse the internet, more and more people want to add watermark to their online images. While this will not completely eradicate image theft, it will hopefully prevent it in many cases. and this is very easy works.

A lot of artworks also use watermark to protect their copyrights. And they also don not want to these watermarks to affect their works. Watermarks play an important role in protecting their artwork. Generally, we do not give much attention towards a watermark’s appearance, but use a text or logo to get the job done, they are can be translucent. So create watermark which is well designed and properly executed can really protect the artwork without actually affecting its appearance.

Have you ever thought to create watermark like that on your artworks or photos? Once you create watermark in your photos, artworks, etc, they are will be safe from online theft. That is the most important, and the watermark will not make the photos not as good. That is the point we consider right now.

Can you design and create watermark at your will? It would be the best choice if you know how to design and create watermark on your works. In fact, it is not difficult to do it, Watermark Software can help you to do it. Most of watermark software allows you to design and create watermark at your will. You just need choose a suitable watermark program application for yourself.

photomark How to Create Watermark in Photos with Watermark Software?
If you don not know how to create watermark to photos with Watermark Software, let us do it as following introduction.
Step 1, Start.
Download watermark software here, and then launch it, choose the picture which you want to add watermark and click ”Next” to edit window,. then, click ”add image” to image edit page.

Step 2, Add files.
Select exist image Watermark or load new image from your hard disk by Click ”Browse” button.

Step 3, Edit.
Watermark software’s simple interface will tell you how to set here to adjust aspect ratio of image watermark(Default: W=1, H=1), selected lock box to binding width and height for your photo. You can adjust Opacity for your need (0-100) and adjust rotate for your need (0-360). You can choose ”General” or ”Tile” to place you text watermark on images, general is to place one text on images, tile is to fill full text on images. (Tile is a strong protect copyright mode)Alignment setting to control text’s azimuth on images.

Step 4.
Click ”Run” after you finished your editing. And soon later, the whole process will be OK.

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