Fruits Launches Site with Latest News on Healing Benefits of Fruits

| September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011 ( FruitsDiet ( has launched their new website geared to providing the latest news on the benefits of diets high in fruit.

The site focuses on a variety of health-related issues due to a diet lacking in the proper nutrients, such as the current mainstream western foods diets of today.

It paints a clear picture for the advantages of considering a fruit and vegetable diet.

The Fruitsdiet team establishes a foundation of teaching through understanding the body’s processes in absorbing foods and aims to give people information on the benefits and disadvantages of fruits diets, fruitarianism, and other fruit and vegetable diet choices.

The site will be of special interest to people who have been eating the typical western diet consisting of processed and refined foods and that are overweight or suffering from health challenges.

fruit-diet launched their website in July 2011 and is dedicated to exploring important concepts behind the diets rich in natural fruits and vegetables for people at a health-crossroads in their life.

Paul Estcott, the site’s administrator and visionary developed the Fruits Diet health-oriented theme after following leading global nutritionists and health foodists who suggest simple solutions to current health issues.

Noting the rise in incidence of major diseases such as asthma, heart disease, celiac disease, diabetes, cancers, kidney disease, depression, and more, Estcott wanted to create a place where people could find clear and easy to understand articles on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.
The site’s writers and contributors provide convincing evidence that suggest certain foods lead to allergies, or they may contain harmful toxins that lead to and even trigger disease.

The writers have put together a series of articles that talk candidly about nutrition, digestion and absorption of food.
Articles are geared around fresh fruits and vegetables nutritional values, including the powerful enzymes, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidant power they contain.

“With so many people confused about health issues today, folks are having a hard time knowing which way to turn to feel better,” mentions one of Fruits Diet’s contributing authors, Liz. “On the site we are exploring some of the potential fruit diets and fruit and vegetable diet combinations that people can use as a healthful alternative. With the economy as it is, and the cost of living increasing, we know it’s important to help people find healthful, simple and easy solutions to regain their health. Plus fruit is a delicious way to lose weight and feel energized.”, developed by site administrator Paul Estcott in June of 2011 launched on the web in late July. The sites’ contributing author and foodist, Liz Charles, is a humanitarian aid advocate and nutritionist, having worked in India, Africa and Eastern Europe. Estcott is also the founder of MBiz Inc. an innovative online Web Design, SEO, content and niche company. is headquartered in Romania, with authors from Europe and the U.S.

Their website is found at  .


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