Sports and Fitness: Former National Champion 1991 Huskies Biggest Loser

| September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011 ( Richard Thomas former local sports stand out, Baltimore Raven and National Champion University of Washington Husky is, ”Passionate about People’s Fitness Results”.

After overcoming disabilities as a young man, Richard excelled as a High School Athlete. At Kentwood High School he set state touchdown records, led his team to two state championship games and earned all league and state honors while becoming a highly pursued blue chip athlete during his 3 year career there. After an impressive high school experience, Richard then went on to join the University of Washington whee he was a part of the 1991 National Championship team. He became a team captain and excelled in memorable games like the ”Whammy in Miami” game. He then went on to the next level, playing with the newly formed Baltimore Ravens in 1995.

Upon leaving the NFL, Richard founded and began to travel and speak to people about overcoming obstacles in his life. He became a sought after speaker, traveling and speaking several hundred times a year, on campuses, at churches at community events and for youth sports teams. Richards busy life began to have negative impacts on his health and family. While encouraging others to maximize their own potential, Richard neglected himself. His health and energy suffered and he began to gain weight. He found himself 80 to 120lb’s overweight and perpetually exhausted.

wellness He would toy with the idea of loosing weight but would only yo-yo up and down losing a few pounds only to gain it back again. He never really made the commitment to himself or his family so make the results permanent. Along his journey he met one of the owners of Vision Quest Sport and Fitness, Chip Schwerzel. Through an honest and transparent relationship and a heart to heart, ” lets talk fat” conversation, Chip is not only Richards boss and friend but is the one person now holding Richard accountable to not only lose the weight but to keep it off. Richard has engaged in the Biggest Loser Challenge using the resources of the Vision Quest training staff, ownership group and peer accountability programs. To this point Richard has lost nearly 50 lbs and is down from 323lbs to 273lbs. His current goal is to drop his weight to 225lbs by January 1st of 2012 and he is committed to do so.

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