Outdoor Energy Announces Sydney Northern Beaches’ Bootcamp Timetable

| October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011 (Powerhomebiz.com) Ryan Wise the trainer and founder of the fitness extravaganza in Sydney, Outdoor Energy, has announced the Northern Beaches bootcamp timetable for the convenience of all those who are looking forward to register for bootcamp Sydney or bootcamp Manly training.

“It can’t be overstated that bootcamp guarantees fitness in a fun filled environment, and there can be no better place than enrolling in a fitness bootcamp in North Sydney. If you’re seeking to enroll for bootcamp Sydney which has a certified trainer and who guarantees intense workout, who has good experience of running successful bootcamps, Outdoor Energy is the place you have to head,” said the trainer and founder of the fitness institute.

bootcamp When asked to tell about the timetable, he said, “bootcamp Sydney we conduct is a no mere shouting bootcamp but one that guarantees great amount of muscle toning, and whole lot of fat-loss fitness exercises. The Northern Beaches timetable is from Monday through Saturday and includes for three places namely: Manly, Curl Curl and Narrabeen. We have also included the maps for the respective places so the fitness freaks can just take a look at the timings, places and pick one that is most convenient for them.”

He further added, “The bootcamp Manly fitness training we have designed will suit people of every age and shape as well as fitness level. While our Manly camp currently has three sessions in a week, the Curl Curl and Narrabeen have two sessions a week each. We have also designed the bootcamp workout exercise based on scientific research and we promise that our workout sessions help combat weight loss too. The muscle toning post weight loss helps one gain lot of self confidence.”

“We even offer a 2 week trial for those who are dilly dallying on a bootcamp Sydney training to get them started,” added the founder.

Asked about the workout equipment used at the bootcamp training he remarked, “We use kettle bells for strength and endurance conditioning and balls for stability and core functioning. For ground activities and exercises we use mats. Boxing gear will be used for endurance.”

He ended saying “Take a control of your body and life now by writing to us at info@outdoorenergy.com.au. You can even call us and enquire on 1800 151 767. To learn more about bootcamp Sydney and the bootcamp Manly timetable for Northern Beaches you can check our website http://www.outdoor-fitness.com.au/bootcamp ”.

Outdoor Energy has made a reputation beyond repute in personal training, personal training Sydney, outdoor training, outdoor personal training, bootcamp Sydney and bootcamp Manly. To know more about the Bootcamp Sydney and Manly check http://www.outdoor-fitness.com.au/bootcamp/


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