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| December 13, 2011

December 13, 2011 ( Marketing network marketing programs and advertising MLM programs must be focused on presenting your program in the best possible way. You are not only seeking MLM traffic to your website, but also attracting those most likely to be interested in this method of making money online. No matter what online platform you are using: a traditional website, a blog or something else such as a Squidoo lens, the following advice will apply to them all.

You should know the importance of good SEO on your site in terms of the on-page use of keywords, Meta tags, heading tags and the Title tag. We will have look as a few methods that can be used to advertise MLM programs once you have taken care of the basic on-page SEO such as Meta tags and title tags. Let’s start with getting your web page published all over the web.

Marketing Network Marketing Programs: Advertising MLM Online

marketing Your MLM traffic should find a landing page of your choice. You can advertise your website in an umber of different ways, some which are:

a) Article Marketing: Write original articles (never copy others) offering advice on various aspects of online marketing in general and network marketing in particular, and explain that there is money to be made if they follow your advice. Explain in your article how network marketing is an accepted form of home business online and how they can make money using it – such as recruiting members to your downline and selling products. Add a link to a page on your website in the ‘Authors Resource’ box, and submit the article to as many article directories, ezines and blogs as you can.

b) Blogging: Advertising MLM programs in a blog can be very effective. Blogger and WordPress can be used free of charge in marketing network marketing programs although it is best to have a self-hosted blog. You can do this by downloading WordPress to your website, or clicking the WordPress link if you are using cPanel. You can use the blog as your website or as a link to your main MLM website.

c) Advertising MLM using PPC: PPC is Pay-Per-Click advertising, such as the Google Adwords ads you see on the right hand side of Google search engine results pages. They can be very effective in directing MLM traffic if you understand how to use them properly, but expensive if you do not. Your ads have to be extremely specific to what you are offering but can get you loads of prospects.

Marketing Network Marketing Programs: Advertising MLM Offline

People are always wanting to know how to make more money, particularly now when cash is getting scarce. There are several offline techniques you can use to promote your programs, or simply to let them know how they can money from home – which is what they really want. For example:

a) Posters in Your Club: If your MLM program involves health products or sports items, then why not put up a poster in your local health and sports clubs advertising the product – with a byline saying that they can make spare cash by promoting these products themselves. Then provide your contact details: they tend to feel more confident when you offer both.

b) Local Press: It can be profitable to use the local press in marketing network marketing programs, because people are very receptive to making money at home these days in view of the general financial situation. Don’t headline your advert ‘MLM Programs’, but ‘Make Money from Home Locally’ – your response might or might not surprise you – but it will certainly be worth doing.

c) Buzz Marketing: Generate a buzz about the opportunity you are giving people. For example, share with people how financially better-off you are, because of your online business. They will get the buzz going, which will generate more interest in your MLM opportunity and help you build your downline through referrals, etc.

These are just some ideas on marketing network marketing programs. You will not only build a good downline by advertising MLM programs, but also sell product and make money – and that’s why we are all in this business.

More information on marketing network marketing programs and how to make money using them are available from Afibah’s website ¬†where you will find some great MLM programs that can make you money from home.


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  1. Albin says:

    If you have a lead capture page where you offer a free something then safelists work fairly good. There are hundreds of safelists and most of them you can join free and get some free credits. SO it is no cost. Do a short ad, inviting them to your landing page. Once they sigh up for youe ezine you can mail them about your opportunity on a regular basis.