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| January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 ( The IIC International Institute of Coaching Editor PaTrisha-Anne Todd welcomes coaches, coaching schools and those interested in coaching to a bright and successful New Year.

To meet the growing need of the new economy and how coaches prefer to communicate, the IIC have opened a Face Book group and invite you to join the coaching community.

Click the link to join the International Institute of Coaching Face Book community page and share your coaching insights. The IIC wants the forum to be a place of positive high energy and an opportunity to learn in depth more about coaching. .

Coaching is buzzing as it spreads across the world. The IIC are growing fast with new members joining who are taking advantage of the opportunity to become accredited.

IIC accreditation is a global coaching recognition indicating to future clients of each coach’s attention to CPD. Continual Professional Development.

Members and public viewers are invited to attend the numerous CPD webinars that have been carefully chosen to provide the best possible coaching awareness of coaching competencies, standards, ethics and best building strategies for a successful coaching business.

The IIC offers a wide range of member benefits and learning options for further acquisition of coaching skills and regularly offer marketing skills training specifically for coaches to help accelerate their coaching business through the ‘Coaches In Business’ article series written by Fellow Coach PaTrisha-Anne Todd, LCSi in the monthly newsletters.

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Another heavily appreciated member benefit is the possibility for each person to promote their individual coaching services and personal development products they may have created.

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