Ipeer Hosting launches with the best solution for Cloud based Hosted Hyper –V

| January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012 (Powerhomebiz.com) Ipeer Hosting is launched with some of the best deals in server hosting solutions. It introduces a very special range of product termed as the Hosted Hyper-V, which is a cloud based Microsoft platform having the capacity to offer the users maximum accessibility as well as stability. This platform is superfluous with a central SAN (storage area network) and the offsite backup.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Johan Hedlund, CEO, Ipeer Hosting said “This product is one of its kinds in the industry and offers our users with maximum server benefit. It is designed in a way that in case a single physical server where the user’s virtual server is situated breaks down by chance, then the virtual server gets shifted to a working hardware with no downtime”.

Hosted Hyper- V similar to other Ipeer products has its own set of advanced features and benefits. Customers will attain more scalability and CPU upgrades and HDD, IP addresses and well as RAM upgrades can be done. Discussing further on the product features, Mr. Johan Hedlund said “In case users at present have the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform and are willing to shift it to the Cloud environments, then the whole process can be carried out easily. It can be conducted through the P2V migration that refers to a snapshot that is set up for the users’ present server. This in turn becomes the new server for the user in our cloud structure”.

hosting Beyond office hours the Clients of Hosted Hyper-V also have the absolute access to technical skills. This indicates that the users at any given point of time beyond the official hours have the access to get in touch with the company second line department through e-mail in case of any urgent requirement. This is helpful in addressing any emergency concerns and other functional problems.

Speaking on Hosted Hyper-V’s efficiency and Ipeer’s customer assistance, Mr. Johan Hedlund asserted that “Any error with the service is dependant on numerous aspects. However, we work continuously to establish ourselves as the top service provider. That is not all. Our goal is also to reach the customer for every query, address and solve them through a 24 x7 technical assistance extended via mail. Users having any concern or want technical consultation in an urgency concerning services such as Dedicated Server, Colocation, Hosted Hyper –V, VPS can contact us anytime. At the same time, if there is a need for a business crucial server solution, then we suggest SLA for every service”.

About Ipeer Hosting

Ipeer Hosting is a renowned name that offers cost-efficient and comprehensive ranges of server hosting solutions that uses new age technology and is of advanced quality. The main target group that the company aims at is the advanced home users and businesses. Based out of Sweden Ipeer Hosting has the expertise in crucial business operation of server solutions and offering various hosting service that consists of colocation, dedicated servers, virtual private server and managed hosting. The company partners with names such as Skanova, TeliaSonera, HP, Fortigate, Teracom, Dell, Banverket, and Microsoft to provide the best quality solutions to its customers globally.

For more information visit http://ipeerhosting.com/hosted-hyper-v.php


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