Demo Video Production – A New Era For Corporate World

| February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012 ( The concept of demo video production is relatively a new one but has become quite popular among the modern day marketers. It is a great way to introduce a new product without spending huge amount of money.

What is Demo Video Production?

Demo refers to demonstration or explanation about a particular product or service. A demo video is meant not only to describe the product but also gives insight of what the company is all about and what it is trying to achieve. The demo video production services are of great help in explaining what’s, how’s and why’s of the product keeping in mind the target audience. It is simply a great way to spread the message.

There are a few important points that make the demo video production services so popular and persuasive.

Great Conversion Rate

Studies reveal that a demo video production for a product can improve the conversion rate by 15 to 50 percent.
Ease of Viewing

Probably the best thing about demo videos that are able to attract a number of views and clients is that the visitor is not required to sign up to view the video. He can just visit the site, click on the play button, view the details and then sign up if he likes the product and is interested in making a purchase.

broadcast2world Easy to Search

A demo video added to the text increases your chances of appearing in a search many folds. Following the basics of optimization along with the addition of a video can return tremendous results.


Choosing the services of a demo video production company is far more affordable than the ad campaigns with traditional media. They are also able to do the work better and faster and provide great return of investment as well.

The best place to look for experts providing the services is internet. When it comes to corporate video production, India has emerged as a great destination for some of the renowned organizations providing services to clients across the globe. Just visit a search engine and type corporate video production India and you would get a list of providers to choose from. Apart from the demo videos, they offer a range of other video types including the explainer videos and promotional videos to name a few. While developing a demo video, you must ensure that it is client oriented and includes all the necessary details.

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