Ramona’s Online Shopping Store Site Launches

| March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 (Powerhomebiz.com) RDM Marketing World Wide, an Internet Marketing Company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has announced today that they are launching a new website, Ramona’s Online Shopping Store. The new website has numerous products and categories for every room in your home or office. The new website can be found at RamonasOnlineShoppingStore.ca

“Our main objective and goal for our new website, Ramona’s Online Shopping Store, is placed on building an outstanding shopping experience that interested and potential customers will love and value. We market top leading brand name products such as Citizen, Cartier, Sony, Toshiba, and Dell just to name a few at bargain prices to the global market,” said Ramona Morrow, founder and CEO.

Ramona’s Online Shopping Store, is one more resource for online shoppers by offering them an enjoyable, comfortable, reliable and extensive browsing experience for everything from Apparel, Jewelry, Software to Watches. You will find a fabulous, fashionable selection of clothing and accessories for every taste and any budget.

ramona-shop RDM Marketing World Wide is confident that Ramona’s Online Shopping Store will be a significant and an ongoing competitor in comparison shopping for today’s global market. “We look forward to making our mark and will be the “little giant” of companies to watch as we progress forward with our new adventure for this project.”

“For the upcoming year, we will strive to prove to the business world that we can be an equal contender in the online shopping niche and take a bite out of the economic market,” said Ms. Morrow. “We hope to create a company where growth and expansion is welcomed within our community.”

We would like to point out that our ”Free Super Saver Shipping” program will soon become a customer favorite because this program includes free shipping on orders $25 and over which is another reason to include online shopping into your daily routine.

For more information and details on Ramona’s Online Shopping Store visit http://www.RamonasOnlineShoppingStore.ca


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