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| April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 ( Deal Monkey is about bringing a great bargain hunt to consumers and abundant business to vendors.

Money becomes tight as a family grows in size and age. In most families, the youngest kid gets a lot of hand-me-downs. Seems unfair, but it may not always be possible to outfit all the kids in the family with brand new gear all the time: and it is not just clothes for the kids that a family needs. Catalogue shopping from Deal Monkey could be the solution to this problem.

Most mothers are on the lookout for a good bargain hunt. Deal Monkey brings excellent bargains right into the subscribers’ inbox. Whether it’s furniture and household furnishing discounts that she is on the lookout for, or great holiday bargains Australia, she can cutomise the categories she is interested in, and opt to get whatever is on offer emailed to her. Deal Monkey is a deal aggregator making shopping an interesting and fun chore.

Most people fail to take advantage of the deals direct coupon. They are wary of the quality of the goods and services provided by online bargains. Ms. Jessica Rogers, the company’s promoter explains why there is no call for wariness. “Any good business will strive to maintain a good relationship with customers. It’s not just the consumers who benefit from these online bargains. The vendor stands to gain too.”

dealmonkey Deal Monkey is a regular one stop shop for all bargains Australia. Quality car service, holidays in a tropical haven, mouth watering buffet for two, water purifies, groceries, fresh water pearls jewellery sets, cake designing classes, pilate classes, dance classes for teenagers, fitness sessions, non-surgical facelifts, craft courses for kids, huge discounts on magazines or an amazing 81% off on open sea scuba diving certification; the shopping catalogue is virtually endless.

“The system works because Deal Monkey, the deal aggregator here, promotes a symbiotic relationship between vendors and buyers. To the vendor, a consumer with our coupon is a potential long term customer. He’d naturally do everything possible to turn the customer into a repeat buyer. There is just one thing you need to remember when you use our coupons; read the fine print and take note of the expiry date to avoid disappointments”, says Ms. Rogers.

A feature of group buying most deal aggregators fail to clarify is that the deals direct coupons cannot be exchanged for cash. “You may sell it to a friend if you can’t use it. You have to buy something for the value of your coupon, and you cannot encash the balance”, Ms. Rogers clarifies.

About Deal Monkey: Deal Monkey delivers a whole range of essential and frivolous deals into your inbox. This Australian company is headquartered in Melbourne. To join, just fill out and submit the online form. For more information please visit us:


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