VirtualEmployee Gifts Clients One More Tool For Employee Control

| April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012 ( The client has always been at the centre of all VirtualEmployee endeavours, an approach that is this leading outsourcing service provider’s strength. Client control over the remote employee despite outsourcing is the unique offering of this vendor. So, apart from providing every client with their very own dedicated virtual employee, our aim had been to make them also feel as much in control of their remote resource as is possible, with the aid of advanced technology.

With this in view, we have added one more layer of employee monitoring in our infrastructure. This biometric access control is a digital device that is activated by the thumb impression of a virtual employee, thereby keeping a detailed record of the movements of the employee every time they go in and out of the office premises during their work shift hours. Nothing new in that, except for the fact that this log is directly and simultaneously accessed by the client in real time. So, every time a client’s employee leaves the office premises, they get to know about it. This is just another way of making the business partner feel more in command of the situation by giving them yet another form of direct control over their virtual employee.

This is also one more way in which VirtualEmployee makes the client feel more empowered, and in a way, takes away the last vestiges of uncertainty associated with outsourcing. A dedicated resource, a monitored work environment and now an employee that can be directly monitored by the client themselves – the benefits of outsourcing to this service provider just got magnified.

virtual-employee One of the biggest concerns in outsourcing to freelancers is the lack of any substantial control or monitoring facility that the client has. It all hinges on trust and behind-the-scenes activity, so to speak, with communication restricted to mostly emails. Go a step further and in the vast anonymity of outright project outsourcing, the client has even less control over the outsourced work. This is where outsourcing to a vendor like VirtualEmployee makes all the difference between feeling helpless and being in total control over both, the remote resource as well as how and when the outsourced work should be executed.

In addition to the biometric access control, this service provider has other employee monitoring processes in place such as security guards at the entrance, a vigilant HR team that physically supervises and keeps track of the movements of the virtual employees. In addition, the ever-watchful IT team keeps close watch over the network traffic, making sure that no client data has any chance of leaving the employee’s system. From disabling external storage devices in an employee’s system to making them work on the client’s server or even on a virtual server, VirtualEmployee takes every precaution possible to safeguard valuable client data that comes to it.

With the latest means of direct control, a client can only feel more empowered as the perceptions of time and space dissolve even further.

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