Go Blue for Autism Month with Lifeskills4kids

| May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012 (Powerhomebiz.com) Lifeskills4kids, one of the leading centers in Australia for taking care of children suffering from Autism, and support to the parents of children suffering from autism, is celebrating the month of April as the month for creating awareness about Autism and support for the Autistic child, by going blue in this month of April.

That means use of blue color in whatever work you do, and which ever dress you wear. You can use various means such as:

Using Go Blue, in the emails, blog posts, social media sites, explaining the facts about the Autism.

You can use Blue as your theme color in your party.

Use the posters and banners in public places like cafe’s and ATM’s which would help to spread the word for the Autism month among people.

Get in touch with your child’s school and encourage them to get involved and understand the cause.

lifeskills Lifeskills4kids provides various solutions for the child suffering from autism, which helps them to lead a healthy and normal life. Not only this, it extends its services for the parents whose children are suffering from Autism, by providing them useful resources such as, scientifically proven strategies to deal with the Autism, it also includes children games which are easy to understand and very enjoyable while playing.

One of our occupational therapist Deb Hopper works for lifeskills4kids, have an experience of more than 15 years. She, along with her team provides useful resources which empowers the parents and teachers of the autistic children to help their child and to live a stressfree life.
Deb also conducts various workshops in order to help people to deal with the stress. So stop waiting and register yourself in one of the workshops.

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