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| June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012 ( For the past 20 years, Vintage Cellars has been the connoisseurs of constructing fine storage areas for wine. They have projects and construction options available all across the U.S.A.

Functioning of Vintage Cellar

When it comes to wine cellar designs, people want the best for their fine alcohol. But storing wine is not as easy as it seems. The right temperatures have to be maintained and the cellar design should be attractive and functional. The bottles should fit comfortably into the cellars, so that you are able to take it out easily and not break them. Vintage Cellars helps you by-

• Creating state-of-the-art cellars, which are customized as per requirements
• Along with being functional these gorgeous pieces add to the aesthetic value of your home
• Advice and suggestions are given on the custom designed wine cellars to ensure that they live up to your taste
• All of the custom wine cellar designs are unique and cater to specific bottle measurements, including some of the oldest wine bottles

Why opt for custom wine cellars?

• A specialist and custom wine cellar expert like Vintage Cellars can guide you in the right design and construction methods. This will ensure that you get a cellar that will last longer than your fine wines.
• They provide you advice and suggestions on the suitable size of cooling unit or the comprehensive custom wine cellar designs to store thousands of bottles
• With the superior knowledge and service, you will get a fully insulated and sealed set up to cool the wine in your cellar
• Exclusive lifestyle details are taken into consideration in the construction of the customized wine racks, which are the specialty of the brand.
• Budget-friendly design and alternatives are available too
• Specific size designs are available to suit the needs of different homes

Custom wine cellar designs experts are working in full gear to ensure enhanced business opportunities. The expectations from Vintage Cellar are much higher than before as they are focusing on promoting and marketing direct contact opportunities. The buyers and wine lovers from all over the country can now celebrate these special labels.

How to contact them?

wine All that you have to do is fact the future wine cellar dimensions or call for a free wine cellar consultation. When doing so, make sure that-
• You send the details of the proposed custom wine cellar with measurements of both floor and height.
• Let them know about the kind of racks you want, types of bottle, materials, etc.

You can pick from designs like-

• Elegant and antique
• Handmade wine cabinetry
• Hand built mahogany humidor
• Gerardy custom wine cellar
• Yacht wine cellar

They will also provide you with a quote as per your required design. There is also provision for special laminated Redwood Doors along with Cellar Art, upon request. When quoting, a rule of thumb for the budget includes-
• 40-50% for the racking
• 15-25% for the cooling
• 25-45% for the other elements like door, lighting, room preparation, etc.

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