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| November 23, 2012

November 23, 2012 ( Food industry consultants cover subjects regarding the production and selling of foodstuffs free of biological and physical contaminants in the food service industry.
A team of expert consultants in the food industry, veterinary public health and animal health problems, such as slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, dairies, fish processing plants, milk processing plants, and consulting the competent authorities. Biological and physical contaminants in the food service industry, food production and the sale of products covered topics.

The Food control consultants in the industry deals with not only for legal obligations, but also for many of their clients business requirements for the supply of food and the amount of the minimum amount of business operators food.

Food Control Consultants Ltd represents a number of veterinary experts, the European law, veterinary and public health issues related to monitoring and extensive experience in the food industry. In addition an extension of the cost-benefit analysis and control of animal identification and movement into new region such as databases.

food-control The FCC Group has expertise in the field of veterinary border controls, animal welfare, feed and veterinary medicinal products. It is able to provide assessment and advice on veterinary matters including food safety and general hygiene issues. It also has an experience in establishing systems such as prerequisite programmers, HACCP and other internal control issues in establishments for clients both within the Member States and in Third Countries exporting to the EU market. It offers lectures and advice to government’s firms and individual companies.

Food Control Consultants Ltd. is a leading safety consultancy specializing in food hygiene and health & safety solutions for the catering and hospitality sectors. Our reputation has been built on taking a personal approach to understanding every client’s business, providing a personalized service which meets their safety management needs. We also provide a complete range of Food Safety and Health and Safety training courses and Animal identification systems for tracking of animals and products of animal origin providing record and infrastructure for animal ID systems.


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