Clever Cord Control on the Cheap

| January 18, 2013

January 18, 2013 ( If a tight budget has prevented you from investing in functional and stylish organizational products, here’s some good news: money need not be an issue when it comes to eradicating clutter at home or work. Just take your pick of these 10 wallet-friendly, mess-taming solutions from to clear away the clutter without cleaning out your bank account.

1. Animal Clips ($14.50)
Animal Clips add personality and charm to any dull office workspace while organizing your cables. Simply attach an animal clip to your computer monitor or other flat surface and you now have a practical, yet whimsical way of holding onto your small computer cables. Many animals to choose from!

2. Cable Winder ($2.49)
A great gadget for taming extra-long mouse cords, this well-designed cable winder couldn’t be easier to use: just insert the offending cord into the slot, then twist the top to spool up excess length. Reversing the process to let out some slack is just as simple: grab the cord on both sides and lightly tug to unwind however much you need.

3. The Core Cord Organizer($3.99-$7.99)
The CORE is the simplest portable cord manager around. It manages your iPod, cell phone, MP3 player and other digital devices cords. The CORE features two channels on both ends where cords are easily inserted. Simply wrap the cable around the CORE’s center, then lock it securely in place using the channelson each end.

4. Cable Turtle (Mini and Small Sizes: $4.99 – $5.99)
Cord Control, meet high style. This sleek little Dutch import features a convenient “flip open, snap shut” design that lets you wind excess cable length around its hidden core to prevent tangled cords and unwanted clutter. It’s simple to use, highly functional, and is so aesthetically pleasing that it’s actually joined the ranks of the Museum of Modern Art’s Design collection. The Cable Turtle is also available in a rainbow of colors, so you’ll never need to sacrifice self-expression for cable management.

5. Cababo Frog Design Cable Winder ($4.99)
Cababo Cable Box winder is a cable keeper that shortens a long cable and stores the excess cable neatly inside the cable box. Now you can shorten that annoying long USB or firewire cable or that pesky mouse or keyboard cable that is way too long. Simply wind the cable around the cable winder and the extra cable length tucks neatly away inside the enclosure.

6. EZ Wind Cable Organizer ($5.99)
We’ve all got them: the tangled extension cords that gather dust on the garage shelf or the closet floor. Why make yourself untangle the knots and shake the cobwebs out of poorly stored cables when you could just wind them around the EZWIND™ Cord Organizer to begin with? Featuring a design that’s perfectly geared toward organizing multiple cables, the EZWIND™ has 4 well-placed slots to hold the ends of coiled cords in place. This brilliantly simple spool can accommodate up to 150 feet of 16-gauge wire, and is also a smart solution for stowing out-of-season Christmas lights.

7. CordBone Cable Organizer ($6.99)
Give your cords a bone! Simple, easy to use design allows you to wrap up excess cables. Keeps cords and cables off of hte floor and prevents tripping hazards. Cables can be easily wound or unwound from either end. Makes cables easily identifiable and untangled·Ideal for use on computer cords, power tool cables, and cables from household appliances.

8. Cable Fish ($3.99)
Excess flex and cabling for lights, computers, DVD, TV, office and household equipment can be easily organized with this cable winder. Wind excess flex around the Cable Fish and fixate the wire in the openings.

9. Cord Hog Cable Wrap (From $1.99)
Perfect for use with kitchen appliances, computers, and home theater devices, this cable wrap lets you wind up excess cord length to prevent tangling and eliminate unruly cable slack.

10. Cableyoyo™ (From $4.99)
Mounts onto gadgets, walls or dashboards so you can wind up low voltage earbud, cell phone, and USB cables to exactly the length you need.


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