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| March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013 ( If you are a business owner looking for new and unique ways to promote your business, working with Firehouse Promotions can help you achieve those goals. This company produces dry-erase memo boards that are distributed free of cost to Fire Departments. These magnetic dry-erase boards are then distributed by the fire department. You may be wondering how these informational fire safety magnets can help you achieve your marketing goals.

These magnets are a great marketing tool for your business and are distributed all over communities. As mentioned earlier, all that you have to do is contact Firehouse Promotions and they will put together a great ad for you, print your message in full color, and help put your ad in homes all over your community. Your full color ad will be on the front side of the board, while the fire safety tips will be on the back. These fantastic dry-erase magnets will be displayed in homes in your community for three to five years. These magnets not only help save lives, they also create a great opportunity for your business to promote itself in a positive, community oriented manner.

There are a wide-range of benefits from partnering with Firehouse Promotions like reaching target markets in your community, full-color and high-resolution print advertising, long-term exposure directly at the fingertips of the consumers you want, and zero competition on the board, all for an cost effective one-time investment. There are several different sponsorship prices that you can take advantage of to help market your message. There are ad sizes from 2×2 inch space all the way up to the full board, 6×8 inch space at low prices ranging from $500 to $3000. That means you can gain long term exposure being displayed in homes all over your community with zero competition for a price per exposure that cannot be matched in other marketing mediums.

Firehouse Promotions has a full graphic design department, meaning that they can create a beautiful ad for you from scratch, use your logo and info components to construct an ad, or use your existing ad and make sure it looks great in high resolution and full color. These magnets are 8.5″ by 11″ and are dry-erase, your ad will be featured on top of the dry-erase magnet, the bottom half has a section for emergency contacts and notes, and life-saving fire safety and emergency planning tips on the back of the magnet.

Firehouse Promotions Inc is the best online resource that offers memo boards, which benefit fire department and advertisers. These boards are equipped with fire safety tips on the back with advertisements, on the front along with emergency phone numbers. For more details on Firehouse Promotions, visit us at


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