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| March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013 ( is the place to find help with ineffective marketing campaigns. They can help any company to improve their data marketing efficiency, thanks to their innovative software solutions.

Companies who use data marketing strategies to bring in new business could really benefit from the help of Qbase, who are able to streamline data management and collection processes to ensure that only the consumers most likely to respond to a campaign are targeted.

The company specialise in data cleansing, which is a specially designed process, which can help companies to lower the costs of their marketing campaigns, whilst maximising their returns at the same time. offers really value by providing a steady stream of fresh data to companies, whilst helping them to get rid of data which will no longer server their purposes. So many companies waste time, money and effort sending out mailers to people who have no interest in their products. Qbase offer a solution by using their software to identify consumers who are much more likely to be interested in any particular campaign and this means less waste and more profit to the company. Simply by spending a little on the services Qbase offer, they can see that their efforts are well rewarded.

Qbase was founded in 1990, where it began its life in the UK as a company who compiled UK databases, which could then be used by other companies, for the purpose of marketing. The company was an immediate hit and set about building on their success by dipping their toe into the world of data management. In the, more than, 30 years they have been trading, Qbase have helped countless companies to better manage their data and marketing strategies for maximum success.

Qbase’s main goal is to help their clients to become more efficient in the way they use and handle data., They have helped many a company streamline their data and marketing procedures already and look forwards to helping many more do so in the future.

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