V2 Video Conferencing Online

| April 8, 2013

With its crystal audio and HD video quality, rich data collaboration, Mobile access, user-friendliness, telecommunication-level stability and powerful interconnection abilities with H323, SIP systems, the V2  Video Conferencing system provides an advanced ‘Network Conferencing&Collaboration Platform .

This company is founded in the Tsinghua Entrepreneur Park in 1999, V2 Technology, Inc. is a high-tech company that is dedicated to the development and services of web multimedia and communications software. Backed up by a skillful and highly qualified management team, V2 Technology has attracted a group of most talented young people in this computer-based profession coming from the Tsinghua University and Peking University, who constitute the core technical force of this company. With uncompromised R&D efforts, V2 Technology has emerged as a leading provider of complete network multimedia software and solutions in Southeast Asia.



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