As Economy Continues Struggling, Multiple Log Cabin Companies Go Out

| May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013 ( The log home industry has faced the same economic challenges as the rest of the home building industry. Like all builders the log home industry has been faced with the consequences of a slower economy; contracts have been delayed or not completed, companies have been forced to lay-off loyal employees, and companies have faced large losses which have resulted in a number of plant closings. With fewer log home and custom log homes companies operating today, many customers who are still in the market are finding it difficult to find a qualified log cabin kit supplier worthy of their business.

Complicating things further are more stringent new energy codes, requiring buildings meet higher standard of energy efficiency. This not only impacts log home companies but all builders of both residential and commercial construction. Keeping pace with changing requirements and regulation requires all builders to evolve and adapt to meet not only the needs of their customer’s but also the energy codes being implemented by the government.

Even though the economy’s slow recovery has caused other log cabin builders to close, a few log cabin companies continue to thrive. One such log home company, Conestoga Log Cabins (, sold 58 log cabins in 2012 and has already sold 60 log cabin kits in the first half of 2013. The company attributes its sales growth to the ability to provide customers with energy efficient log cabins and log homes that are not only innovative but of the highest quality in the industry within customer’s budgets.

Sweeping changes in energy and building code requirements across the country have greatly strained the log home manufacturing and building industry in general. Makers of log cabin kits and log home kits must meet these rigorous new regulations that include the energy efficiency of ceilings, walls, mechanical systems, windows and doors in each log cabin and log homes produced. Since many states had only local and county regulations, these new statewide and countrywide requirements have stretched many cabin home builders to the limit.

Log home manufacturers across the country have closed their doors due to their inability to keep up with the increasing requirements brought on by governmental energy codes and being able to measure up to the quality demanded by consumers. Recently, Kuhns Brothers Log Homes (PA), Heritage Log Homes (TN), Tennessee Log Homes (TN), Deep Creek Log Homes (NC), and Barna Log Homes (TN) have gone out of business because of the difficult economy and demanding new energy code requirements.

The remaining log home giants, such as Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes, continue to set themselves apart from the remaining competitors by offering their customers creative building solutions that meet the most stringent energy code requirements while maintaining the quality standards expected by their customers at affordable log home prices. As a result, these log home companies are still thriving despite today’s tough economic environment.

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