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| October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013 ( De Doorns, Western Cape ( powerhomebiz ) October 9, 2013 – Products sold through the online goose down products site, come with a promise that they shall last a lifetime- with proper care, they may even outlive the owner.

The problem with goose down products is that they’re mass produced; wherein, the feathers are processed and refined to such an extent that the quill shaft is damaged and the fine strands are lost. Over time pillows or duvets made from such feathers lose their softness, thereby becoming lumpy and flat. But goose down products remain in their natural state- they’re only washed, sterilized, and treated with an SABS approved anti-allergic agent before being filled into cotton casings.

“All of our products bear the stamp of approval from Christine Jordaan. She started this business more than 20 years ago, by studiously collecting the goose downs from the geese reared at their farm in Hex Valley,” says a spokesperson for the South African based online store.

The scale of this business today obviously makes it impossible for her to rely solely on her farm for goose down, but they’re still sourced from local farms to make sure that quality is under control.

Another important reason for keeping the business local is to make sure that only down from big and mature geese is used. Clusters collected from mature birds hold pockets of air better than small clusters. “Thus, your pillows stay fluffy and comfortable for life,” adds the spokesperson.

And unlike what environmental scaremongers would like us to believe, these geese are not killed to collect downs. “It would really foolish for us to kill our geese just to be able to collect the feathers. In fact, it is very important for us that these geese live until they’re mature. We employ trained personnel who carefully collect these feathers by hand,” adds the spokesperson.

To ensure that the products last a lifetime, it is important that the cotton casings are changed regularly, because the warranty is for the filling and not the cotton casing- these are bound to disintegrate over time.


Hex Valley Down is an online retail shop that sells goose down products like sleeping bags, pillows and duvets. This family owned and managed business ensures quality by handpicking downs from mature geese sourced from local farms at Hex Valley.

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