ECO Friendly Pest Control Services In Southern Australia

| February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014 ( As the name suggests ECO Pest Control implements innovative ECO friendly pest control services all over metro and country regions of South Australia. They provide these services in both commercial and domestic environments. Eco Pest Control in Adelaide has dominated the pest control industry in South Australia and the services they provide are next to none. Their main purpose is to eliminate pests like termites, spiders, rats and mice, cockroaches and many more unwanted visitors. Their team is led by a number of trained and skilled individuals, who excel in both customer service and have superior knowledge when it comes to the eradication of pests. The employees at Eco Pest Control are a main contributor to the company’s success and for them being number one in the business.

Eco Pest Control is the only pest control company to offer the service of a dog team to detect the presence of termites, both in domestic and commercial surroundings. With regards to their domestic pest control services the spokesperson of ECO Pest Control reports, “We offer a wide range of pest control services and aim to have maximum impact on the target pest/s, without harming the individuals whom reside in the premises. We carefully select our products and application methods, especially when there are children, pets and sensitive people like asthmatics involved.”

In order to encourage their existing customers and to attract new customers, ECO Pest Control has recently announced a “Buy One Get One Free” offer. Users can seek an extra service, free of charge, with any service they book with the company. This additional service will be applicable for treatments on spiders, rats and mice, cockroaches, silverfish and bees and wasps.

The company focuses on providing fast and reliable services, which in turn keeps their customers happy. They guarantee all works carried out and ensure they main a friendly, knowledgeable and service driven approach. The spokesperson’s comments on ECO Pest Control’s guaranteed services says it all – “We are quite happy to guarantee a pest free atmosphere in your premises, as specified in your contractual agreement. Our on call emergency responsive service team operates 24X7 and helps people seek assistance in emergency situations when other companies are closed.”

About ECO Pest Control

Eco Pest Control is a South Australian firm that offers 100% Eco friendly pest control services. The company is fully licensed and is compliant with all industry regulations and requirements. The company offers its services from smaller commercial and domestic premises to larger warehousing and processing plants. To know more, visit


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