Online Shopping Portals Revamp Stores with Fresh Valentine Love Gifts

| February 7, 2014

February 7, 2014 ( Even the most courageous lover requires lot of guts and spirit to utter those three magical words “I Love You” before his love interest. Love, a natural phenomenon that draws two hearts closer, is a matter of great spirit, hence all our love stories narrate characters, who are heroic in nature. To express the feelings of romance, lovers resort to their inherent brio and bravura. And a few lucky would succeed. But what about other souls, who are pining for someone’s love and not able to verbalize their emotions?

This Valentine’s Day, express your feelings with beautiful Valentine gifts. Infibeam, one of the leading online shopping portals in India, has updated its Valentine gifts online store with unique gift ideas. On this revamped store of Valentine love gifts, Sridhar S R, Head – Business Development at Infibeam, shares, “Every year, we bring in unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. This year, we have special couple gifts. We have listed hundreds of pendants in myriad shapes, size and metals. Apart from sober designs, we have lined up some pendants in the shape of emoticons, which are favourite among young lovers, who use emoticons while chatting on mobile.”

But are all lovers serious and sincere enough to buy Valentine gifts online in time? There are many who forget to buy gifts for Valentine day; for such forgetful chaps, Infibeam has a dedicated store of Express Products. “The list of last-moment-buyers is endless on our site. Hence, every year, we offer express delivery to our customers. This store showcases products like cakes, teddy, flowers and chocolates. Moreover, we ensure that the products from this store get shipped within 24 hours” adds Sridhar.

Deals and discounts would always spice up Valentine gift shopping. “Like every year, this year too Infibeam introduced irresistible offers for lovers; two coupon codes are floated and maximum discount is up to 87%. Shoppers can redeem coupons on categories like Apparel, Apparel Accessories, Watches, Home Furnishing, Jewellery, Beauty, Bags, Eyewear, Kitchenwear, and Footwear,” shared Sridhar.

Gifting is not the privilege of boys only; girls can also buy romantic Valentine gifts for their boy-friends. And therefore, Infibeam has showcased Unisex gifts store, from where boys and girls can send Valentine gifts to each other. This store has beautiful cushion covers printed in several romantic designs.

For those who are geographically distanced, they can send Valentine gifts to India or send gifts to abroad also. So lovers, buy some romantic Valentine gifts for your loved ones and make your Valentine Day 2014 unforgettable.


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