One Stop Senior Service

| May 21, 2014

May 21, 2014 ( One Stop Senior Service is a company that has over 18 years of experience with assisted living and senior care in Los Angeles and other areas.

The company also offers great San Diego home care services for the senior citizens. Another interesting deal the elderly might want to learn about is the Travel Retirement Living. It allows senior citizens to spend their time traveling the world rather than just being in the same place every day.

The Travel Retirement Living deal is extremely affordable with prices at around $2000 per month with a six month contract. The very first stop of the journey is the Philippines where people will be able to learn all about its history.

If you’re looking for assisted living in Los Angeles, the One Stop Senior Service has four facilities for assisted living which are specially made for people who would require help with their personal hygiene, grooming and bathing and other daily activities.

About One Stop Senior Service

One Stop Senior Service provides the best senior home care in Los Angeles as well as Independent Living facilities where senior citizens can enjoy the company of their peers. There they can take part in various interesting activities such as picnics, movies, field trips and many more.

The company prides itself with the special attention they give each and every one of the senior citizens who decided to choose them. With over 18 years of experiences it is easy to see how professional the caregivers and the rest of the staff are. One Stop Senior Service also offers assisted living in Palm Springs and for more information you can visit their website at


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