Respite Care for Children with Special Needs

| September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014 ( Best Home Care is proud to provide the finest in-home support for children with special needs in the Twin Cities area. The home health agency’s personal care assistants are experienced in providing respite care for children of all ages living with various physical disabilities, behavioral disorders, or developmental delays. These home care services are incredibly valuable for families as they give parents the opportunity to tend to tasks away from home.

No matter the age of a child, parents should be assured that their son or daughter is receiving quality home care. The personal care assistants at Best Home Care are trained to care for children with varying needs. While situations differ from family-to-family, Best Home Care’s PCAs are currently caring for:

* Children with ADHD and other mental disorders
* Children suffering from physical disabilities
* Students with various learning disorders
* Children and young adults living with autism

Parents and guardians often become overwhelmed by the task of tending to their child, and this is particularly true when the child has additional needs. Best Home Care’s respite care service for children with special needs gives their parents or guardians a much-needed break to accomplish other tasks. Going to work, running errands, or heading to the gym are just some of the many activities that respite services allow parents and guardians to continue to enjoy.

Additionally, Best Home Care provides quality PCA training for the caregivers of children with disabilities or special needs. Parents and stepparents of underage children are not eligible to act as a PCA for their son or daughter; however, adult siblings, grandparents, and other relatives or family friends commonly work as home caregivers for loved ones. Best Home Care works diligently to equip current caregivers and to match each child with a qualified personal care assistant.

Learn more about Minnesota’s programs that help children with disabilities, their caregivers, and each family’s options by contacting the home care agency at 651.330.2550,, or online at

About Best Home Care
Best Home Care is a leading in-home health care agency providing personal care assistant (PCA) services to people of all ages in Minnesota. Founded in 2005 by Andre Best, an attorney and former union president, the company specializes in providing home care for seniors and respite services for children and adults living with various disabilities. Best Home Care is a PCPO, PCA Choice, and Waivered Service Provider and a member of the Minnesota Home Care Association.

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Best Home Care
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