Publishing Company Looking for Authors with Book Series

| October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014 (> David Roberts become one lucky author when a local publishing company took his “little love book” manuscripts and made them into a book series. The local Phoenician author has now created four titles that are being carried by gift stores across the country.

Phoenix Publishing Group, PPG, which has helped over 2,500 authors to self-publish their works since 1988, is looking for more authors that have written their own series of books.

“It’s more profitable for everyone when we can take an unknown author and create a series of books.” Says Bruce Fischer, Executive Director of Phoenix Publishing Group. “ We know that both stores and consumers like their books packaged in a series style and that’s why we are currently looking in that direction. We welcome authors who have written a book series.”

Phoenix Publishing Group has published several cookbook series, and an Etiquette series for Golf, Beer, Wine, Sailing, Social Media and Coffee Shops. Their Little Love Books are very popular in hospital gift shops and card stores. New lines of book series include several titles from Patricia Ariadne, Ph.D. on life’s transitions and dream interpretation. Next up is a series of books on dog training and recipes for medical marijuana brownies and hemp recipes.

Manuscripts for books with several titles for a series can be sent directly to the editors at Phoenix Publishing Group asks each author to identify their specific market niche with an explanation why their new titles are aimed at this marketplace. PPG offers a response in seven days and will email back authors directly.

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