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| November 20, 2014

ice-ballNovember 20, 2014 (Powerhomebiz.net) For several decades now, ice cubes have had the same old and uninspiring looks. Most of us feel that there is nothing to do about it. But, this is not the fact, as we can procure ice ball maker in Australia. In most of the cases, the small cubes that have been used for several decades now easily melt and so the chillness of the cocktail and other drinks do not last longer. Can you imagine that it is possible to make as large as 2.5 inch solid frost balls? Yes, this is possible because of the ice ball mold that can be purchased in different colors from companies that sell them through their website.

In addition to having an impressive look, the ice ball mold melts at a lower pace of minimum 5 times slower as compared to normal frost cubes and so you need not have to serve watered down anymore. The great thing about ice ball maker in Australia is that they are easy to use and clean and the maker can turn out to be a great hit among kids and adults alike. So, you can add fun and can jazz up your favorite beverages with the Original Ice Ball and you can start saying no to the same old cubes. Here is how the ice ball mould can work wonders to your drinks:

1. All that is to be done is to fill the mold with water through the hole provided at the top. Not only water, it can be filled with any other liquid of your preference. During the freezing process, the liquid within will expand and so it is recommended to leave at least one centimeter gap at the top.

2. For best results, it is better to freeze the filled moulds in upright position overnight or for 8 hours.
Once the ice is formed, the ice ball mould should be pulled off to take out the sphere of ice.

3. Finally, the sphere can be placed carefully inside the drink for enjoying the chilled beverage for longer hours

If you are intending to get these spheres in wholesale cost, you can conveniently place your order for 50 of them as a whole. Otherwise, you can get them at the retail cost for any order placed less than this number. If you want the output to get a perfect shape, make sure not to fill the mold fully with water.

The Original Ice Ball Co brings you revolutionary Ice ball maker which can create a big and beautiful ice balls to cool down and enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor. To get Original ice ball maker at best price, please visit http://theoriginaliceball.com/

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