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| December 19, 2014

faithautoglassDecember 19, 2014 ( Faith Auto Glass is the numero uno portal for windshield replacement in Dallas. The car glass replacement company caters to every sort of auto model. Established in 2000, the company has become the preferred choice for most people in Dallas.

“It’s matter of great pride and honor for us to know that we are your one stop solution when it comes to windshield repair & replacement in Dallas. We house a huge windshield inventory and hence can cater to almost every windshield need. We can help you out with rare pieces as well given our tie up with local car glass warehouses. In case your previous windshield had a branded logo, we would get you an exact matching new one,” stated the leading spokesman from the company.

The leading Dallas store extends a lifetime warranty covering all of labor against air leaks, water leakage & other problems pertinent to windshield repair in Dallas. The manager further added, “We stand by our works 100 percent and promise you specialized service by highly experienced and trained technicians. We are well equipped to work with cutting edge windshields as well- the ones that come with in-built antennas, defrost system & even the rain sensors.”

The top car glass replacement firm in Dallas also offers power window repair service. A senior technician from the company reported of an elaborate service during broken auto glass removal. The process here starts with vacuuming, followed by cleaning & prepping of mating surface for new auto glass & installation.

“We promise you a very careful installation with proper adhesives & fasteners. We would only leave the project after a thorough final check is done including glass testing for power windows, checking all connections for accessories & an extensive glass clean-up,” senior technician added lastly.

About Faith Auto Glass

Faith Auto Glass is a major car glass replacement company in Dallas offering high end windshield replacement, repair & power window repair service. To know more, visit


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