The Perils of Distracted Driving

| December 23, 2014

distractedDecember 23, 2014 ( DriveAlert, the mobile app company that’s putting an end to distracted driving among teens and others ( notes that the police are coming under increasing scrutiny when it comes to distracted driving. In turn, law enforcement departments are enacting new rules to deal with the issue. While police officers don’t normally text and drive, they do however use in-car computers.

In Los Angeles, police are enacting rules to prevent the use of the in-car computers after a bicyclist was struck and killed by an officer who was typing on his in-car computer. The new rules do not expressly forbid the use of in-car computers while driving, rather, they make the radio the primary tool for communication while the car is being operated.

In 2012 and 2013, three people were killed and 140 were injured by police, fire and ambulance drivers who engaged in distracted driving. In a study at Washington State University’s Health Sciences Campus they studied simulated driving of law enforcement officers. Nine out of ten accidents occurred when the drivers were tasked with operating an in-car computer while driving. To learn more about how DriveAlert and distracted driving, visit,

About DriveAlert

DriveAlert was developed by Protext Mobility. This patent-pending smart phone application is designed around Protext’s proprietary messaging platform which offers a number of solutions to the consumer as well as enterprise customers. DriveAlert gives parents the assurance that their children are not texting, phoning or otherwise distracted by their smartphone while in a moving vehicle. The app is available for Android phones at GooglePlay and at the iTunes Store for iPhones. For more information about DriveAlert, visit (


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