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| March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015 (Powerhomebiz.net) I Fly First Class is a personal travel concierge that helps meet all the international flight requirements at low airline fares. Business and first class flights are available for round trip, one way, round the world and complex itineraries. Customers have the option to get their seats rearranged along with the schedule of the trip subject to certain restrictions laid by the company. Their professional staff is dedicated to arrange the complex travel itineraries and provide customers with cheap business class tickets.

I Fly First Class offers first class fares with the most renowned airlines at discounted rates. Their airline partners include Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and United Airlines. These top airlines provide the cheapest prices for first class flights. First class travelers’ services are inclusive of complimentary chauffeur driven transport system to the airport terminals or valet parking. Passengers are welcomed at the airport lounges and are eligible for salon services, business centers, and elaborate buffets. Adding to the extravagant luxuries are supple recliner seats with adjustable backrest, personal on demand entertainment and sumptuous meals prepared by chefs.

With I Fly First Travel, customers can save a sufficient amount in the next business class trips. Their unique travel partnerships give access to most popular domestic and international locations along with the finest business class amenities. All these routes are covered by acclaimed airlines like Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Swiss International Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Emirates.

The amenities provided for these premium class tickets include a warm welcome to the finest and exclusive airport lounges. These online concierges guide the customers in terms of providing the destination information, transportation and resolving checking in issues. Their dedicated security and check in services are worth appreciating which enable the customers to get the destination without many hassles. Travelers have access to fine gourmet dining, fully equipped business centers with cushioned chairs in the beautifully designed business class lounges.

This online travel agency is dedicated to help its customers in making last minute business fares relatively cheaper and offer the pleasure of flying with spectacular discounts. Business class travelers are entitled to enjoy a range of benefits with respect to the destination selected by them. Today’s business class flights consist of extravagant facilities with lavish cabins. Business class seats are designed to make the travelers journey relaxing with some or the other form of recreation. Some of the business class flights offer suite like features with in air lounges and bar facility.

At I Fly Business Class, the team makes every possible effort in providing superior quality service with varied travel options at discounted rates. Last minute business class to Europe help customers enjoy the most spectacular locations of this continent. They include the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, thrilling adventures of the Alpine forests and many other cultural sights of Europe. With breathtaking historical background of this country, there are plenty of historical buildings and locations to explore.

This region is filled with some of the most dazzling architectural structures from the ancient times. If travelers are booking last minute flights, they can get some useful tips to purchase the best deals for first class and business class fares. Professionals from business firms are required to travel frequently to various destinations and opting for a corporate plan will take care of all their travel needs.

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