Phone and Tablet Usage-Monitoring Made Easy

| June 13, 2015

ilogJune 13, 2-15 ( Monitoring the usage of phones and tablets in detail for self improvement, for parents and employers is the goal of a new Android app called iLog. Available from, iLog is a fundamental new tool.

Micro Logic indicates that after downloading the software, settings can be arranged to control the time of day and days of week for logging. All logging data is stored locally on the device for review at any time. The logging data can also be emailed to any address.

The usage log shows on which days the device was used, and for how many minutes and how many uses on each day. The log is stored on the device and can be accessed only by the user.

According Micro Logic iLog can be used for self improvement to maintain balance.

Additionally companies can monitor company supplied phones given to employees. Similarly, parents can check the usage level of children to insure a healthy balance.

In the case of Bus, Truck and Taxi drivers, iLog can be used to help insure safety.

The iLog Android App is priced at just $0.99. Additionally there is a free trial at along with the paid version at


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