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| June 25, 2015

katabangJune 25, 2015 ( Imagine being in a situation of desperate need for a helper at the moment: difficult right? By now, you have to think of how to juggle things out—work, home, kids, etc. without compromising your time. Don’t fret. There is a solution for that. And we can send you that person on your doorstep now. Yes, you have read it right. is the answer to your need. This is the Philippine’s No. 1 maid agency brand we are talking about and you are just at the right place, definitely.

Getting a sweet spot on the list of maid agencies in the Philippines, MaidProvider just has the very right of being called the number one agency on that list, why? Here are the best reasons:

We don’t want you to experience the hassle of getting things done.

We do what we promise and we promise what we do. We always look into the best customer service you deserve and that is our top priority. Needing a maid to help you with the chores at home won’t be a problem because we are just a call away. We can deliver her in an instant after your choice, anywhere in the Philippines. That’s how we value your need.

We are very practical.

You can always reach us via phone or thru our chat platform on our website. It will be easy for you to contact us and we’ll make sure to get things right on the top of hand, as fast and as possible as we can.

We help you choose whose best for you.

With the rigorous training and clearances of our maids in order to ensure your safety, we offer to you a diverse pool of helpers that are of great physique, sound mind and good records. We sift our maids for you to only choose the best. Only. The. Best.

We are very worthy of your trust.

Slacking off isn’t part of our vocabulary. We deliver the service you want and we can do it best because we are good at it. Your trust is a driving force for us to maintain being a topnotch and excel in what we do.

We just can’t settle with what you are used to.

Let’s face it; there are brands that overpromise, thinking too much out-of-the-box ideas. We’re not saying it’s bad, but we’re not saying it’s good either. The only thing we could say is that you can always rely on us by letting us know the specifics and your preferences so we could make things work. Communication is always the key to every fruitful transaction, and we could guarantee that. After all, great service is what we are always aiming for.

Maid? Call (02) 405 0000
Chosen by over 9,000 homes nationwide
*Nannies (yayas), drivers and other kasambahays also available.
IF BUSY Call 02.567.3344
Viber 0998 888 1818


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