Unique Custom Tin Packaging.

| August 8, 2015

tinkingAugust 8, 2015 (Powerhomebiz.net) Everybody has a few old plastic or tin boxes at home for storing goods or presenting gifts. But making them interestingly unique to present the gift and make it special has always been an issue. Either people end up getting all sticky while gluing some decorative paper on them, which mostly looks unimpressive, or they end up with the same old, dull gift and storage box. But Tin King USA specializes in providing an artistically effective solution to this problem through their unique & high-quality custom tin boxes and containers.

Tin King USA has been a highly experienced specialist in manufacturing and presenting custom tin containers and decorative tin packaging for years now. Their team of experts knows how to present a perfectly beautiful looking quality tin container. And thus, they specialize in providing varieties of basic and special finishes like: offset color printing, matte, sand, crackle, wrinkle and many other custom finishes to give them a uniquely attractive look. Plus, there is a wide-range of sizes to choose from.

It’s not just the finishing. Tin King USA also provides prepackaged, custom made tins in the exact manner desired by the customer. It includes Paper Sleeve, Paper Box, Poly bag (if no specific packaging is asked for) and other specialty packaging styles for safe and convenient shipping.
An experienced supplier knows and takes care of all possible requirements that a customer can have. That’s why, keeping in mind the different uses the tin may be utilized for, Tin King USA offers an option of “assembling” them before delivery. Fillers like foam, Eva, or any other are used accordingly and for saving customer’s time and money.

The benefit of customizing the tin packaging is that it gives many options for making it exactly the way a person envisions it to be. Tin King USA provides many extras for this purpose.

These include:

-Handles and Latches (made from tin, plastic, and other materials)

-Die Cutting (For coin slots, salt and pepper hole, or making different desired designs).

-Snap and Clasp closures, Hinges, Multi-Piece stackable tins and much more.

Tin King USA has been an expert in this niche since 1982. Their rigorous quality control procedures ensure a high quality product. Their team of experts and well-trained workforce, along with the use of high-end technology, has been keeping them on top of their business and a leading supplier of custom packaging/tins in the industry. Located at Dallas, Texas, they provide tins for all purposes, uses, and occasions in US, Canada, Mexico and South America.



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