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| September 18, 2015

cubaSeptember 18, 2015 (Powerhomebiz..net) Cuba is a beautiful and the largest Caribbean island located on the North Atlantic Ocean. The nation is known for pristine white sand beaches, rolling mountains, famous Cuban cigars and rum offering a wonderful time for the tourists. There are so many UNESCO recognized world heritage sites and also points of interest in Cuba creating an indefinable magic on the visitors. To explore Cuba and understand the culture and people from a close encounter you can check out with the professional Cuba tour operators offering you different Cuba tour packages that you can choose based on your interests. If you have got to see the real Cuba and not just from a tourist point of view, it is important that you lookout for the best Cuba travel operators that help you experience the real life in Cuba and also understand the history and culture of the land. But this doesn’t mean you are going to miss out on the fun activities, but have a blend of both an insight into the real Cuba and also the best time on the land.

You can join the specialized Cuba travel vacation packages covering some of the best tour itineraries in Cuba. The 10 day tour would leave you with a full experience giving you enough time to cover all the prominent places in Cuba and also a chance to experience the cultural delicacies of the nation. As part of the tour you can explore the colorful capital of the nation Havana and also get a chance to dine with a few Cuban elites to exchange your experiences. You are taken through the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Vinales Valley, which is renowned for the finest Cuba’s tobacco grown in traditional methods. You can also visit the mural land that was located on the outskirts of Havana where you can come across some of the best murals that were created from merely a trash heap.

The Cuba tour gives you a chance to visit the world famous Bellas Arts Museum that takes you through the history of Cuban art right from colonization to the post-revolutionary movement and also the freedom of expression. Similarly, you can also lookout for Trinidad Cuba vacations where you can come across some of the best museums and galleries, Maracas beaches and waterfronts, tropical botanical gardens and picturesque locations that would just leave you enthralled. You can also plan for the tropical Cuba vacations as it is the ideal time to visit the country and enjoy the best moments of your vacation.

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