Beijing Great Wall Tour With Kids

| October 27, 2015

china-great-wallOctober 27, 2015 ( Traveling with kids can be highly tough, particularly when it comes to touring to foreign countries, where you do not know what to expect. When touring in Beijing, the tourist spot that you should never miss to visit is the Beijing great wall tour, which is stated to be one of the greatest world wonders. Here are certain tips to make the most out of your Beijing tours with kids, so that the trip can turn out to be both educational and fun-filled for them and also for your entire family.


When you plan to take the help of a company that organizes Beijing day tours, you can ask them whether they can take you to Mutianyu as this part of the great wall is identified as highly child-friendly. To save your energy on hiking up and getting down, there is a cable way that your kid will enjoy traveling.

The Toboggan: In Mutianyu, kids will surely enjoy taking the Toboggan down the mountain from the wall during your Beijing great wall tour. If the child is small, a parent will be permitted to ride down in the toboggan with him/her. Also, you can control the speed of this ride, such that your child can get complete fun and excitement.


This place in the great wall has many facilities, but the problem with this place is that it is a bit crowded as compared to the place mentioned above. You can save up to 45-90 minutes of your hiking on the great wall when you take cable cars or mini roller coasters. When you choose national holidays, there will be huge local crowd. So, when you choose this place during your great wall of China tours, remember to go on a weekday to cut the chances of getting caught in the crowd.


If you would like to take your kid to a half resorted place during your Great wall of China tours, this is the right place to choose. This is the most beautiful section of the great wall. However, this may be ideal for parents taking older children and parents, who are comfortable with carrying their little ones on their back.

Without any doubts, Beijing tours have great things to offer, but be sure to choose the ideal trip organizer, when you decide Beijing day tours or any other package for that matter. Happy touring in China!

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