Wood Bow Tie Offers You A Bespoke Menswear Accessory

| November 6, 2015

wood-bow-tieNovember 6, 2015 (Powerhomebiz.net) The best accessory for any man to depict his style and attitude are the bow tie and cuff links that shows his unique taste and versatility in following trends. But with fashions changing and new generation trying to make their mark on the latest trends are looking for something additional to a traditional bow tie. This is when the new designer piece of wood bow tie has been introduced fusing old craftsmanship with modern style to bring out this superior product that makes you stand distinct in a group. With wood as the base material a range of wood bow ties has been introduced as a perfect accessory for men as a new style suitable for both formal or casual occasions. Men can sport their wood bow tie for different occasions like getting dressed up for races, weddings, casual Friday, Friday night drinks and Dorsia to make their own fashion statement.

The wood bow tie is crafted from different types of wood like African Zebrawood, canary, Peruvian walnut and many more to bring in a range of diverse patterns like plaid, polka dot, and argyle to make them look more unique and attractive. You can find reliable online stores offering a collection of wood bow tie like a Bueller wooden bow tie, Dekka wooden bow tie, Pontious wooden bow tie, etc. in different shades and patterns that truly brings that unique look to your personality. Every wood bow tie comes with a 100% cotton center piece and elastic strap suitable for all neck sizes to easily wear them in comfort and style.

Similarly, the wood cuff links are the perfect match to the wood bow tie to further enhance your style statement. The cuff links are offered in round and square shape which are hand crafted from rustic pine wood in different shades and hues. The wood cuff links are assorted with brass base and you can actually take pride in using natural materials as bespoke accessories for menswear. The online stores offering these wonderful and unique men’s accessories also offer the wood bow tie and cuff links at affordable prices like $29.99 for each piece. There is no compromise on quality or fineness of these products that you cannot resist with just adding one piece to your collection. Men can in fact go through the gallery of the online stores to choose the best that suits to their taste and attitude before placing an order online for the wood bow tie and the wood cuff links.

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