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| March 22, 2016

direct-mailMarch 22, 2016 ( Any business requires promotion and the best way to reach out people is to send direct mails to them advertising about your your presence in the market. In between, with the advent of email many companies tried out email campaigns, but soon they realized that these emails end up in the spam folders and get little attention from the customers. So it has once again proved that using direct mail services is the best option to reach out to targeted customers in an effective and efficient manner. However, sending out bulk direct mails is no mean task for the companies as it requires a lot of manual hours to sort out the addresses, prepare the mail and also spend on postages. Hence, to avoid this you can now actually avail the services of direct mail advertising agency whose profession is sending out direct mails and handles the job professionally without any hassles.

You can hire the services of direct mail services Los Angeles who have a mailing permit from the postal services and can send across bulk mails at discounted rates compared to other people. The mail services moreover offer you comprehensive direct mailing services where they shall create the mail, get the targeted address list which is checked for accuracy and then prepare the mail, address the mail and choose the postage payment at discounted rates for bulk mail and finally prepare the CASS report to finally deliver the job to the USPS for sending across the mails. While it costs $0.44 cents for regular mail, it would only cost $0.27 if you go through the direct mail services Los Angeles saving you $0.17 on the mailing costs.

The mailing service Canoga park also extends their services for printing the matter on the material, folding the material, insert folded material into envelopes, verifies your address lists, updates the addresses, prints address on the mailing envelope, generate CASS report and finally drop the bulk mail at the post office all at competitive rates for their customers. The direct mail advertising agency also offers their services for sending invoices, bills or statements for your customers. They also offer mailing lists of targeted customers based on the ZIP code, particular income bracket, demographic region, those with children, etc. so that you can easily reach out your target customers to promote your products or services.

Are you searching for the direct mail advertising agency, then your search ends here. Maildistributioncenter provides you the complete range of mailing services in a timely and efficient manner. To avail our mailing services los angeles and Canoga park, please do visit us online at

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