Rural Broadband High Speed Internet for Remote Areas

| April 5, 2016

oakfordisApril 5, 2016 ( Rural areas are generally deprived of the good internet speed. The relatively low population density, topographical difficulties and huge distances may be some of the factors contributing to the lack of good broadband connection. However, the internet service providers have taken this as a challenge and have come up with a solution. They have developed a strategic plan that would enable broadband internet to penetrate deep into rural areas.

The enterprise fiber optic broadband uses a wide range of multi class fiber solutions from various approved telcos. This enables the internet service providers to provide the fastest broadband speeds to the rural areas. The rural broadband specialists are highly experienced and have great skills in not allowing the rural setting to determine your broadband speed. The internet service providers are equipped with a unique technology called the OIS bonding technology. This technology will allow a great and fast broadband connection even in the most remote areas. The internet service provider does not limit its job to just install a broadband line. The highly experienced and qualified team of the internet service provider also assists in providing firewall configuration, email migrations, active directory integration and many more services.

The E-Safe school broadband also lets the internet service providers to offer filtered internet for schools. The filtered school broadband solutions are approved both by BECTA and IWF. The filters are implemented in several ways like using a software on a personal computer or via network infrastructure such as proxy servers, DNS servers or firewalls that provide internet access. The filtered internet for schools will prevent the school children from accessing inappropriate sites. Only those sites which are educational or informative would be available for the children. The internet service providers plan to provide rural broadband not only to the homes, but also to the businesses present in the area.

With the advent of rural broadband, the people from the rural area now no longer have to depend on the satellites to beam down the internet. The process of depending on the satellites to beam down the internet was a costly affair. Apart from being costly, the internet availability was very inconsistent. The internet used to make a series of soft explosive or spitting sounds at just two megabits per second (Mbps). If someone had to download a movie, it used to take about six to eight hours for download. However, with the advent of rural broadband, the same movie would take thirty minutes to download.

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