Fairfax Assisted Living Community Releases New Organizational Website

| August 11, 2016

cobbdaleAugust 11, 2016 (Powerhomebiz.net) Cobbdale Assisted Living has launched a new website organizational website at, https://www.cobbdaleassistedliving.com. Cobbdale offers a newly renovated Fairfax assisted living facility that utilizes a single-story open floor plan and is designed for seniors. Cobbdale Assisted Living is equipped to comfortably accommodate 8 residents with a 3-1 staff-to-resident ratio, in order to create a smaller, warm community environment where every resident receives exceptional personalized care. Additionally, the new organizational website also provides useful information to individuals and families on how to make the transition to assisted living care, and how Cobbdale Assisted Living can help.

Cobbdale Assisted Living’s new website is designed to inform people who are searching for assisted living care on every aspect of what it is like to be a resident at Cobbdale. Many individuals who are investigating the benefits of assisted living care are unsure of what information is important to keep in mind. Cobbdale’s new website makes it easy to locate resources on what activities take place on a day to day basis, the amenities offered by Cobbdale Assisted Living, and the full breakdown of the individual Care & Support services that can be accessed by residents.

Cobbdale Assisted Living philosophy of resident-centered care takes a holistic approach to our residents’ care that focuses on the promotion of health and wellbeing. Each member of Cobbdale’s Care Team delivers superior, personalized service to our residents in a friendly and compassionate manner.

Families or individuals who are are interested in exploring the benefits of residing in our assisted living community in Fairfax, VA can contact Cobbdale Assisted Living by calling 703-520-6040 or by contact the organization online at https://www.cobbdaleassistedliving.com to speak with Cobbdale’s leadership. Cobbdale Assisted Living provides a complimentary tour of the newly renovated facility, so that families who are interested assisted living for their loved one can learn about the benefits that Cobbdale has to offer.

About Cobbdale Assisted Living :

Cobbdale Assisted Living is located in Fairfax, VA . Cobbdale’s newly renovated, single-story building is designed for seniors and can comfortably house 8 individuals. Cobbdale offers amenities such as private bedrooms and private bathrooms. Additionally, Cobbdale offers a holistic approach to resident-centered care-creating a safe, positive and unique living experience.

Address : 3503 Burrows Ave
Fairfax, Virginia
United States – 22030
Phone Number : 703-520-6040


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