Aerial Filming Services Can Offer Wonderful Photo Shoots

| October 29, 2016

droneOctober 29, 2016 ( Most of the mega construction projects ranging from skyscrapers to roads, bridges, tunnels, mines, canals etc require an aerial monitoring to document the progress of work. This is when the aerial filming services come very much handy where a team of experts offer the latest technique of capturing the work progress with the time lapse videos using 4G cameras and sharing the content with the clients through the 4G networks.

The aerial filming services are offered for photo shoots from above the ground at such high angles that offers a perspective of the work in progress for documentation and also display for the customers about the facts of the work being carried out. The aerial photo or video shoot begins with hiring a helicopter and obtaining permission from the concerned government departments for the day and night filming of the work on the construction sites. The company uses the gyro to mount stabilizer and the best cameras for high resolution photos and full HD videos that are filmed with precision for breathtaking output. The staff with adequate technical knowledge and commitment offers the best output to monitor the work progress at the clients’ construction sites.

The drone filming services are also offered by the company to capture incredible videos at great heights and angles which might not be manually possible at any time. This is cost effective and less risky compared to hiring a helicopter to shoot the videos. The drone filming services with huge experience and technical knowledge in handling many types of drones have a fleet of phantom 1 to quad copter to assign for their clients’ projects. These drones can be used to capture the construction projects work in progress from greater altitudes with precision to create commercials for the property developers and can also be used for the TV channels for broadcasting works. The drone filming services posses best quality drones that can sustain any weather conditions along with the technicians who can handle the job of flying them in the right direction and altitude to get the job done.

The company takes care of all the necessary permissions and paper works while you can just hire their services either for an aerial filming or drone filming services based on the project and the budgets as each has its own advantages and limitations that can be discussed with the company before finalizing the services.

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