Detox Teas From Tealyra Provide A Brew With A Boost

| November 12, 2016

tealyraNovember 12, 2016 ( The humble cup of tea can provide a moment of calm, and as the daily aspects of modern life continue to put stress on minds and bodies, this warm, reassuring drink is more popular now than ever. Tealyra, a Canadian-based global tea company, offers a premium range of detox, herbal blends that go beyond the conventional brew, with an aromatic collection of feel-good fusions that give the body a natural boost in just a few simple sips.

The soothing range of detoxifying teas is just one collection on offer at Tealyra. These self-confessed tea connoisseurs source the highest quality, premium ingredients to form a diverse selection of mug-ready mixtures, catering to every kind of tea drinker. Alongside the detox selection is a series of weight-loss brews as well as relaxing, mint, flowering and veggie options. Authentically passionate and fanatical about tea, Tealyra considers its stunning product range a ‘tea constellation’ with each blend a star of the tea world, shining bright within the liquid galaxy.

Dmytro S. Fedosyeyev, Owner at Tealyra commented, “While many of us begin our journey into tea drinking with a traditional cup, the flavors that can be explored through tea drinking, as well as the health benefits that can be enjoyed, are really quite phenomenal. Our detox range of specially selected blends use natural ingredients to help the body wherever it needs it. Whether suffering from a sore throat or simply looking to replenish your glow, we’ve got the perfect tea for the job!”

Bikini season may be over, but the battle against the bloat will forever be a challenge. Especially as modern lifestyles and ‘on-the-go’ food choices don’t often make stomachs smile. Using natural fennel root as a main ingredient, the ‘Flat Belly Detox’ tea also contains soothing peppermint, hibiscus and liquorice root to restore digestive balance.

Sure to be popular this winter season, ‘Thriving Throat’ uses liquorice, peppermint, Echinacea and orange peel to fight infection naturally while keeping the coughs at bay.

Whatever the weather, some days just require a helping hand which is where the bright, warming ‘Holistic Health’ offers the perfect remedy. Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and fennel, all ingredients that have long been used for their healing properties, are combined in this zingy, glowing blend, offering a boost whenever it is needed.

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Inspired by pure passion and a respect for authenticity, Tealyra was born. They strive to be a company that will provide with what customers are looking for, help learn something new, try something new, and discover something new about the second most consumed beverage in the world.

The name Tealyra represents what they believe to be the brightest set of stars in the tea world, their vast collection of the best teas- their very own “tea constellation” as it were. Lyra, a famous constellation, is one of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union, and is incredibly bright. For more details, visit


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