eMag+ Brings Revolution To Online Publishing

| December 13, 2016

emagDecember 13, 2016 (Powerhomebiz.net)Alive Software Inc. which develops software application platforms for online publishing announced the launch of its new product. eMag+ an online publishing platform and digital newsstand. It’s a platform which can bring revolution in the publishing world. It allows the readers to read and buy their favorite magazines online and publishers to publish their books and magazines doubling their sales and subscriptions.

eMag+ is a self-publishing platform, which allow publishers to upload their magazines/books and publish them directly. Publishers can connect with their target audiences and increase their audience exponentially through high-quality content. and publish magazines on Iphone/Ipad, Android and Web for free with revenue sharing model.

As with increase in online readers and authors/writers getting their content out there for readers in the online world. The company is looking to cater to both readers and publishers with their Magazine Apps. For an avid reader. it is like walking into a store full of magazine and browse through their favorite title, category, region, or keyword at the ease of sitting at home, office or even traveling.

Some of the features of eMag+:
• Accessibility: Read magazines and books on mobile device or download any magazines into their devices to read offline.
• Digital Library: Unlimited access to thousands magazines, and the ability to have your favorite titles automatically added to reading list.
• Subscription: It allows subscription to individual titles while still receiving all the other benefits of eMag+ subscription.
• Publishers can manage their publications and have the ability to embed video, audio, polls, links to websites, and other bonus content to their magazines at no extra charge.
• eMag+’s app building feature automatically creates mobile apps for your magazines.

About Your Company: Alive Software Inc. is a software company based in Toronto, Canada developing software which is easy to use and yet have an appealing interface. It has launched its first product ePageCreator in 2010 and has since developed exciting software applications for the digital publishing world. eMag+ (http://www.emagplus.com) The Digital Magazine Newsstand is its 4th project


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